J Colman and Nanette

London piano and cello duo

Wrong Guy

Piano and vocals: J Colman. Cello: Nanette Lee. Words and music by J Colman © Copyright 2018. Engineered by Felix Macintosh. Recorded at Tigersonic, September 2018.

It’s killing me
Hurting you
If I could change I would do
I used to be a better guy
A better catch
A better match for you
It wasn’t you
The stars aligned
And you wound up with the wrong guy
Who knew I’d be so unkind
I’m telling you
I’m the wrong, wrong guy
I never thought
That I could do
The kind of things I’ve brought down on you
I know you’re shocked
I am too
Look at all the things I’ve done to you
It wasn’t you
We had our time
And now there’s gonna be a lot of long and lonely nights
You’re not at fault
At least you tried
But I’m telling you I’m the wrong guy
You rolled the dice too many times
Your luck ran dry
I’m the wrong guy
I should have known
But love is blind
I’m telling you
I’m the wrong, wrong guy

August 2018